Tiger Woods Journey of a Golfer

Tiger Woods Journey of a Golfer

Journeys of a Golfer

It wasn't always easy for me, the getting up in the morning and wondering how I was going to feel.

Having the ability to fool people wasn't easy either, the pain on my face could tell a story only I was able to tell.

Then I thought, "What If?" these two words mean something totally different when separate; "What" and or "If".

Put these two words together "What If?" and now you can proceed with your journey.

You have our What If? tee shirts that make Everything Fits possible.  It's a LifeStyle, it's a Journey.

We all have our own journey, but when you put on one of these tee shirts, that's when the magic begins.

That's right I said it, Magic. You may ask, what Magic?

We find that when you wear Everything Fits What If? T-shirts, it becomes magical in a spiritual way.

Our titles explained exactly the feeling that you will receive by wearing this special What If? T-shirts.



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