What Are You Thinking? Let's Talk Golf

What Are You Thinking? Let's Talk Golf

I want to first say this game of golf is a crazy sport to the highest level. I teach a great golf  swing (based on your abilities) that gives the individual the ability to go practice and work on the techniques we worked on during our golf session.

What I am getting at today is I am going to talk about my golf game. You maybe wondering or asking questions like, how good is he? or he says that he’s a golf professional, he calls himself Coachmike, (I think I EARNED it), he’s writing a book about his Journey. Who is He?

Well today I’ll share some of me with you, now first let me say, I didn’t start swinging a golf club until 1998, so it’s been what? 17 years and half of those years I wasn’t playing any good golf, I didn’t know what a proper functioning golf swing was and when I played golf everything was a learning experience.

I love the sport, I knew I couldn’t play basketball the way I wanted so I had to find something I could do and a friend introduce me to golf and the golf swing. Well I fell in love right away, the first thing that I said to myself is “Self’ you can do this.

I remember having something like a drug high, I got to the point I wanted everything and anything to do with the golf industry.

I wanted to learn how to play well and as good as the guys I played with, I wanted to work in the industry, it was a rush.

Like every newbie to golf,  I got some clubs (cheap) and I went to the driving range to learn how to swing. I didn’t care when, what or how but I was going to learn. I didn’t think I needed golf lessons (Wrong) I was a good athlete and I could get this game down.


Within these hard and long 17 years I am finally in the industry that I love and I have this Great Passion to Teach. For the last 5-6 years I have been teaching the golf swing (Over 20K) and Damn It I have become a good if not great golf instructor.

Now don’t get it twisted, there are so many great golf instructors and every one of them will say the same thing about their skill level to teach. So yeah, I am a great instructor (93% success rate) so I can say it and stand behind it.

I have to admit that I also Love to Play.  After graduating from the academy I was a 16 handicap and when I first started at the academy I was a 25.

Today I am a 6-8 handicap on paper and sometimes 8-10 handicap if I don’t practice.  My goal is and this is just for me, is to get my handicap down to a 2-5.

I’ll be happy once I get that low, I know I can do it because I have played well and can score but not all of my rounds of golf are in the low 70's.

All I am getting at is I want to play better. These last few months I’ve played great and then sometimes I would play okay and other times, well let me say, Wow, who is playing today?

I am going to focus on my equipment, I just upgraded to some TaylorMade clubs and I love them. I think TaylorMade is the brand for me. I am looking for a 3 wood and a 5 wood and I’ll be a happy person.

Playing these last 3 months have been rewarding as far as scoring is concern. I’ve been practicing some and hitting the ball pretty well but I do have does Ha Ha moments (I laugh at myself) and wonder who is playing today.

I am Humbled that you took the time to read and I hope, I’ll see you all on the golf course.


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