What If Everything Fit (Yoga and Golfers)

What If Everything Fit (Yoga and Golfers)

4th of July is upon us and reflecting on what this day means, I just have to call upon it's name, "Independence Day" this is what made this country what it is today. Free, you are Free to express yourself in any way you choose. Well that's a BIG Maybe.

Everything Fits, what is Everything Fits, it's just that. It gives you Freedom to choose. 

We here at Everything Fits put together two companies that we think will make the difference in how we work, play, live and worship. (Sweet Swing Golf and Everything Fits)

We don't care, well we do care but, for this mission, we don't care What, Where, When, Who, Why and How you came to this site, EVERYTHING FITS.

Everything Fits is a LifeStyle and who are we to Judge but, we asks that you help us Help You with all your Yoga, Golf  and Spiritual needs.

In closing, I will mention that I have a Journey and getting to know my Journey is where Everything Fits.




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