"What If?" You checked your Attitude

"What If?" You checked your Attitude

What If?, This is a series of events and I want to share them with you during my Journey of a Golfer.

Today was a special day at the golf course, you see I have the opportunity to see some of the most obnoxious golfers on a daily basis, today is Thursday and all, and it's a special day because the Miller Group plays today.

Now, normally the Miller group plays on Mondays, but we had some snow this past weekend and I have the pleasure of seeing them today.

Now, I get to see a lot of golfers come in, and I'm always amazed at the attitudes of golfers on any given day.

This Miller group, let me just say that these guys are in their upper 70's to low 80's. they have attitudes, they have no respect for our system here at the golf course and I don't like them to tell you truth.

Now when I say, that I don't like them I mean I just don't like their attitudes.

This is why I am addressing this issue, "what if?", What if you checked your attitude at the gate before you come play golf at my golf course.

I say my (Golf Course) very carefully.  Get you What If? tee shirts.

It's going to be a great year in 2018.  You see Sweetswinggolf.com and Everything Fits has given me an idea and that idea is this common question,  "What If?"  what if I address the everyday issues on the golf course.

What If? what if I can be the eyes and ears on the golf course.  What questions would be asked of me, if any?

I have nothing to lose and I definitely have respect for this industry so don't get me twisted.  Welcome to my Journey as a professional golfer.

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