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Everything Fits Dog Treats

Stella Boo's Dog Treats - Sweet Potato or Banana

Stella Boo's Dog Treats - Sweet Potato or Banana

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Everything Fits is getting personal! Our dog treats were created in memory of all our beautiful pets. As a pet owner I know how much you put into training, walking, talking, feeding, and loving everything that fits into your life, and so much more. With the loss of any pet, our hearts go out to each pet owner that had to fill that void.

So, I took all the love that I have for all my dogs present and passed and created treats that made my dogs feel good and loved much better. We created "Stella Boo" dog treats that your pet will love. We named them accordingly. “Stella Boo” is our large size, and our generous size is only 0.38 oz.  

Healthy, Homemade, Wholesome. Everything Fits Dog treats are made to order; we believe in creating them fresh so that your pet can enjoy them.

To ensure that you receive the best delivery possible, each batch is tested for taste and proper crunch by our certified panel of testers.

*NO PRESERVATIVES* (Best to keep refrigerated, the same as you would preserve a human cookie)

Three flavors are available:

Stella Boo's ingredients are as follows: Sweet Potatoes, Oats, Peanut Butter, Honey, And Love!

Big Head Kane's ingredients are as follows: Banana, Oats, Peanut Butter, Apple Sauce, and Honey.

Stella Boo berries ingredients are as follows: Blue Berries, Oats, Peanut Butter, Apple Sauce and Honey.

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